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10 Ways to Bring Rooted to YOUR District

1. Interview with your staff about why they like working for your district. (Video & Graphics)

2. Feature a positive parent experience. Photo with a quote from the parent on why they choose to send their children to your school.

3. #GrownforSuccess: highlight the everyday success in your classrooms. (A student learning to read. Improved test scores.)

4. Alumni Features: How did your schools contribute to their success?

5. Rooted in (your district): Highlight teachers/staff that grew up in your district and returned to make an impact.

6. Graduation: Interview seniors on their future plans and ask them to reflect on their time in your district.

7. Community impact: Show how your district is rooted in the community by highlighting partnerships.

8. Stats: Create graphics with stats that make your district shine. (Dual Enrollment opportunities; test scores; state championships)

9. Create roots in (district name) Enroll today. Use rooted to highlight kindergarten roundup/preschool enrollment.

10. Student Success: Your students are ‘Grown For Success’ for awards, championships, and scholarships